I am so excited to share the new Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk Palette with you all! I am the queen of impulsive purchases and this is one I certainly don’t regret. I purchased this directly from cult beauty for £56 on the same day it released in the UK.

So is this palette really worth the hype ? I purchased the Rose Gold edition one last year which I loved so was hopeful this one would live up to my expectations!

The Dessert Dusk Palette consists of 18 shades with four different textures: 8 matte shades, 3 duo chrome toppers, 6 pressed pearls and one glitter. This palette also has a mirror  in it as opposed to the rose gold edition.

The matte shades apply beautifully and have amazing pigment which I am so happy about. I particularly love the burnt orange shades which I have been after for a while now. Amber and Blazing are my favorites with blazing being an amazing crease and transition shade . The Toppers are lovely too, I particularly like the shade twilight which has been a hit with many other palette buyers and retrograde applies really nicely. These toppers can be worn alone or with a shadow underneath! 

I am in love love love with the the pressed pearl/foiled shadows,  The pigmentation on them is amazing and they apply seamlessly. Blood Moon and Turkish Delight are just beautiful. Cosmo is the only pressed glitter in the palette and  can be applied as a glitter liner or as a lid topper, you can also apply it without a setting spray or glitter glue.

Overall I am still loving this palette, you can do lots of different looks with it, the pigmentation is lovely and the colours are so diverse. There are a few misses with some of the pressed shadows but overall they apply  well. 

Hope this review is helpful for you guys! x