Hey guys, so when it comes to applying foundation on oily skin, whether you’re a makeup artist working on a client or applying your own make up, i can’t stress enough how important prepping your face for makeup is and trust me i’ve learnt the hard way! If your skin isn’t prepped properly your foundation could look cakey or when you start to apply concealer your foundation could even slide slightly due to the oil production.

These simple steps hopefully will help make your foundation look flawless as who doesn’t want flawless skin!! 🙂

Make sure all your makeup is taken off, use a cleansing water – you can get them really cheap from superdrug or boots, something like bioderma cleansing water is fine. Use a cotton pad and just gently exfoliate your face getting rid of any dead skin cells of make up.

If you have combination skin use a moisturizer on the areas that you find get dry these might be the cheeks or chin. If you use a moisturizer all over try to use one for oily skin something like simple oil free moisturiser is great.

Next it’s good to use something to mattify the skin, the Mac Matte gel is great for putting on the t zone of areas you find get the most oil production. You don’t need to use all over your face if you’re not oily all over just in the areas you find you need it.

If you find you have large pores the benefit porefessional is great, just use a small amount on the areas where you have larger pores.

Now your skin is prepped you’re ready to apply foundation just remember to use a foundation for oily skin if you can, or just any foundation that isn’t for dry skin as this will add moisture to your skin.

Use a blotting powder after foundation this will help keep your make up matt and also the urban decay de slick spray is great to keeping oil at bay and also making your makeup last all day long!

Hope these tips help 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions happy to help!